Up and down


Fun to be back bowling after a week or so off. At least for me. Sam and Zoe bowled a game last week while Tilda and I watched. Sam won the games yesterday! Matilda didn’t play at all, just kind of cried and was sad as she wanted me to only sit with her and not bowl. Sigh. We are ready for daddy to be home from India!
Today we went with the Gilchrists and enjoyed ourselves! Maybe even improved our scores a bit.



Breaking in the birthday bowling shoes


Between a kidney stone and what we thought was a strange grown-up version of Hand, Foot and Mouth disease that turned out to be malaria (yeah, it really is that crazy here,) it took 20 days for Matt to get to the alley with us to break in his new shoes! He made it back to work today too, but the bowling was more exciting 😉 Had a fun family night together!